Unleash the potential of your car park

Parkmonkey helps businesses to fully utilise their parking asset. Whether you have too much parking space, or not enough, Parkmonkey can help.

I have too much parking I don't have enough parking

So you don't like seeing empty spaces wasted?

Colliers International research shows that a typical CBD car space is empty 30% of the business week. Parkmonkey connects parkers to unused commercial parking spaces - on a casual basis. Thousands of Australians are using the Parkmonkey app to find parking in Sydney. Unlock a new revenue stream for your business by sharing your currently wasted asset with your neighbours.

Your car park needs swipe card access? No problem. Parkmonkey has developed a unique Building Access Device to safely allow casual access for approved Parkmonkey members into secure car parks.

Your car park is fully booked some days? No problem. Parkmonkey has developed a flexible, live calender for businesses to make their parking available on a casual, daily basis. You keep complete control of your asset, keeping every bay on the days you need them, selling vacant bays on the days you don't!

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More staff than parks?

Most organisations would love to have the problem of how to make use of an over-supply of car parking. Much more commonly, management struggles with acute parking shortage. The cost to your bottom line, of losing one valued staff member, because you can't provide a car space, can be high. You should never have to say "no" to a staff parking request when you have a vacant space in your car park.

Parkmonkey licenses a low cost "internal" car park sharing platform that allows a business to reduce wasted space by better sharing a limited resource among staff - like "hot desking", we call it "Hot Parking"

  • Increased access to on-site parking
  • Reduce cost of external car park rental
  • Simple integration into existing systems

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